The SAFIRE plasma reactor: replicating the atmosphere of the sun in a laboratory on Earth.

This is the original website for the SAFIRE PROJECT. It is useful as an historical overview of the project, from conception to the creation of AUREON ENERGY, Ltd.

For the future of the SAFIRE PROJECT go to AUREON ENERGY LTD.


This website was originally designed to support the documentary feature film about The SAFIRE PROJECT, which has been in production since day one: see Movies > Story. Somewhere along the way the team decided to make this the official SAFIRE PROJECT website to allow interested parties access to the unfolding story of SAFIRE as a scientific research and experimental project.

The original mandate now successfully fulfilled, THE SAFIRE PROJECT has become a commercial enterprise. You can follow the commercial enterprise at the www.aureon.ca website.

This site will continue and slowly metamorphose back to being the site for the feature film, an ongoing production. The dilemma with producing a film about SAFIRE is that it never seems to end, as a story it just keeps getting better ....


Overview of the origins of THE SAFIRE PROJECT.