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MONTGOMERY CHILDS is the Founder of AUREON ENERGY, Ltd., and the principal scientist and chief engineer of the SAFIRE PROJECT. It was Childs who first proposed SAFIRE, and Scott and Bruce Mainwaring who recognized its potential and supported it.

JANO ONDERCO is Monty's right-hand man in the lab, assisting with equipment continuity, computer interfacing, and responsible for all data acquisition.

WAL THORNHILL, arguably the world’s leading authority on the Electric Sun model, presents the key factors that define the new model, then helps to propose and clarify experiments that could be undertaken by SAFIRE to affirm or refute the model.

DONALD SCOTT, a key player in the EU Group, offers a lifetime of experience with both traditional and now bleeding-edge electrical concepts.

BRUCE MAINWARING has been a devoted fan of the Electric Universe idea for half a century or more, years before it had even acquired a name. His lifelong work in the field of applied electrical sciences has given him a profound insight into the pragmatic nature of the Electric Sun model.

LEIGHTON MACMILLAN: plumber, millright, machinist, engineer, sparky, electronic control, mechanical assembly, documentation; person Friday for your average 'out of the box' science project.

JASON LICKVER, engineer, helps to analyze and troubleshoot Monty's design blueprints, then collaborates with the construction of the SAFIRE apparatus itself.

MICHAEL CLARAGE, Ph.D, collates, analyzes, and compares the data acquired from the experiments with the latest data from official sources such as NASA; the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory; the Solar Dynamics Observatory; the Voyager probes; and the Rosetta sensors.

PAUL ANDERSON, Ph.D, a chemist by training who works with high energy reactions, manages and oversees the Design of Experiments, chemical studies, and statistical analysis and modeling.

LOWELL MORGAN brings a lifetime of experience in plasma physics, both theoretical and applied; he is also extremely skilled at writing peer reviewable papers in this field.

SCOTT MAINWARING was one of the few at the 2012 EU Conference who understood exactly where Monty Childs was coming from. Like David Talbott he immediately recognized a plausible way to test the Electric Universe hypothesis. Scott plays an essential role in the ongoing process – financing the work through the Mainwaring Archive Foundation, consulting regularly with Monty, and even volunteering hands-on assistance in the building of the main Phase 2 apparatus.

SAFIRE consists of both a core team and a consulting team.

The core team is made up of engineers and scientists: engineers to design and build the complex lab setup; scientists to plan, produce, and analyze the experiments. From the very beginning there has been close collaboration between the two disciplines.

The consulting team is made up of representatives from the scientfic community, experts in diverse fields, from astronomy to plasma physics to electrical engineering.

NOTE: This is the team in the years of the International Science Foundation mandate to test the Electric Sun model. As SAFIRE has become a commercial enterprise under the auspices of AUREON ENERGY, Ltd. the team has been expanding.

JIM RYDER, with a wealth of exerpience in the aerospace industry, points out the latest discoveries in space that were not anticipated, and that might even suggest SAFIRE is on the right track. He also outlines the difficulties SAFIRE will face in bringing forth evidence that challenges the current thermonuclear model of the sun.

DAVID TALBOTT recognized in Monty Childs' SAFIRE concept a real and empircal method for testing the Electric Sun model, and so invited Monty to propose his idea to the Electric Universe Group at the 2012 Electric Universe Conference. Talbott is one of the key proponents for the Electric Universe model, and the initiator and co-producer of the annual conferences, now streamed worldwide.

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Fluke Corporation


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SAS Institute

Red Cage Solutions

Swagelok Company

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Hathaway Consulting Services

Paradigm Creative Group

Silver Wolf Productions


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Dr. James Ryder

Chairman, International Science Foundation

Harold Puthoff, PhD

Director, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin

Eric W. Davis, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer, Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Austin, TX

William A. Gardner

Professor Emeritus, University of California

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Thomas Bolland CPA, CA

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